Monthly Awareness-Raising Session on Civic and Constitutional Rights at Community Level

ASAL Youth Organization (LEO) with financial support from save Somaliland children organization (SvEO) and ForumCiv have been implemented three years Project on “Promote Participatory, Good Governance, Human Rights, and Democratization process of Somaliland Phase two 2020-2022. This project is the second phase of joint development work for “strengthening democracy, good governance and human rights protection of Somaliland”.
Constitutional rights are the most highly guaranteed freedoms within a legal system. A human rights-based constitution may be an effective tool to prevent or sustainably resolve conflict taking its roots in the oppression of people by the government.
A constitution can protect individuals by outlining their rights, normally in a ‘bill of rights’ at or near the beginning of the constitution. The rights which the constitution contains are normally owed to everyone in a country with the exception of rights which may be reserved for citizens only, such as the right to vote.
Monthly awareness raising sessions on civic and constitutional rights at community level especially community groups. it’s important that individuals have rights to ensure their dignity and liberty is protected, the government power is restrained, and the society can become more stable and secure. Similarly, in order to encourage citizens to participate fully in the political life of a community and country committed to the fundamental values and principles of democracy.
This awareness was taken place in different villages including IDPs and rural settlements in Hargeisa on 30th – 31st March 2022, The aims of the awareness were to enhance community’s knowledge and better understanding of their civic rights and constitutional obligation that will facilitate a citizen’s engagement in political dialogue, accountability of duty-bearers and strengthen of democratic process of the country.
Therefore, to address the above-mentioned problems, ASAL Youth Development Association will conduct monthly awareness raising sessions on civic and constitutional rights to learn and adopt civic and constitutional rights. the awareness will be attending 55 representatives from different villages of Hargeisa district and they will be TOT’s facilitate community’s awareness raising sessions of civic and constitutional rights.

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Farah Mowlid Khadar Abdilahi Farhan Yusuf
Project Officer Executive Director Admin &Finance Office
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