Water Distribution Report under 7 villages of Togdher Region


Clean and safe water is essential for life. The impending drought in Somaliland has caused a severe water shortage leading to use of contaminated water, which coupled with poor hygiene practices, has led to widespread outbreaks of water-borne disease such as acute water diarhea and cholera. Therefore, Kalbarre, Dindiinta, Ceesha, Aw Cali, Boodhley, Bali-Diiriye, and Dawacaale are our target villages we provided water.



  • To improve availability, accesses and utilization of clean and safe water under 7 villages of Togdher Region in a short period of time

As a consequence of the water shortage, water prices have skyrocketed making it difficult for the most vulnerable to access safe water. Water scarcity has also led to a high mortality rate amongst livestock and failed crop production, essential elements of household survival. Many households, usually women and girls, walk long distances to access water, increasing their exposure to risks of gender-based violence. To respond this crisis ASAL organization provided over 4,500 households in Togdheer region with 14 trucks of water and 7 villages received water distribution per their household size.


Households in number

# of Water trucks Distributed













Aw Cali












N.B. Households in villages are estimation, not real data.


Ahmed Abdi is a father of 10 children and among the 4,500 households that ASAL reached and provided emergency water trucking in Boodhley village.

“Before ASAL organization came to us, the situation was bad, people lacked water to drink, wash and cook food, but today as you can see water is plenty at our home, we are able to access clean, fresh and chlorinated water.”

Ahmed Abdi one of beneficiaries

Thanks to the water trucking intervention. Ahmed Abdi and his children received fresh water for a period of hard time. The water was treated to make it safe for consumption, which significantly reduced cases of diarhea and other water related diseases. Thanks to ASAL funded this project, they now have access to clean water for drinking and domestic use such as washing, bathing and cooking without having to walk long distances.

We are thankful for ASAL’s timely assistance that came at a time of great need. We hope that the response will be extended until the rains come.

Ahmed Abdi one of beneficiaries



  • Water trucking Shortage – Note that currently water trucking is shortage in Togdheer region due to other water distribution interventions that other NGOs, companies and government sectors are doing.
  • Shortage of our intervention – Apart from water distribution interventions that we carried out those villages, the number of households resided those villages were not enough due to the needs that exist those villages.
  • Communities we met have many needs – They have many needs and expect to do a little bit of other needs that are expecting to fulfil. Some villages are proposed rehabilitate berkads, while some needs to build schools.
  • In Kalbarre village we supervised all the humanitarian infrastructures such as MCH, police station, Dwells, schools whether Madrasa or public schools and they told us that there are many needs they propose needs that we can contribute and fulfil this achievement.


  • To increase interventions towards Togdher region – Note that if we can able to do intervention to these villages, we to have make an assessment of what we shall do those villages, when and where?
  • Not drought seasons, but other seasons we need interventions that we can do those villages